Introducing Clover® Rewards
A little loyalty. A lot of happy.
Clover Rewards connects you directly to your customers over their mobile phones, allowing you to run the same kinds of sophisticated loyalty marketing programs as nationwide chains—at a fraction of the cost. You can turn occasional visitors into loyal regulars with offers and rewards they’ll love, because when you keep customers happy, they’ll keep coming back.


A little love goes a long way.
Clover Rewards delivers the personalized deals and attention your customers crave in a way that’s fun for all. You’ll bring in new customers and get current customers to come back again and again.
Get ready for more regulars.
Embrace every customer.
Clover Rewards works on almost any mobile phone, tapping your customers into amazing rewards.
Expand your following.
Social media features can help you reach new customers and encourage repeat visits.
Treat your best customers.
The Clover Rewards platform helps you find your most valuable customers so you can offer them exclusive perks, special offers and extra-personalized service.
Rewards from the heart.
Show your customers how much you care with Clover Rewards, your personalized loyalty and marketing solution. It’s flexible and easy to use, so you can give customers exactly what they want.

The customer adoration program.
Easy to use, affordable, and as familiar as an old-fashioned punchcard, Clover Rewards helps you capture the potential of big-brand loyalty marketing with the personal touch that only a store like yours can offer. Keep your customers happy and bring new ones in the door, without adding to your workday.
Get right up and running.
From in-store materials to social media support, we make sure you have everything you need to get your customers excited and your rewards program rolling.
Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere.
Send special offers directly to your customers’ mobile phones over the Clover Rewards app, and reach them whether they’re in the neighborhood or across town.

Share the love and see the results.The Clover Rewards app links customer rewards to real transactions, so you can track how effectively your customers are engaging with your loyalty program and which perks are most popular.

Reward sales, not visits.
Some loyalty programs give out points for just showing up. With Clover Rewards, you can validate purchases at the register to grant rewards only to your best, paying customers.
Appreciation that’s just right.
Design your own program.
Choose the best rewards and loyalty levels for your goals and your customers’ tastes. Pick from a points- or punch-based system and select the number of purchases needed to earn new rewards.
Build stronger relationships.
Deliver a fun, personal experience the moment customers set foot in the door. The Clover Rewards Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled device that recognizes when loyal customers enter your store, helping you greet them by name, recommend additional items they might enjoy and create that unforgettable connection that will keep them coming back for more.
Better together with Clover™
Whatever your point-of-sale terminal or system, the Clover Rewards mobile loyalty solution will work for you. And with Clover™, you can do even more.

Discover Clover

Keep the line moving.
The Clover Rewards app helps you greet customers by name without slowing down the line, and connects perks to purchases seamlessly.
Identify trends and opportunities.
Your Clover Rewards loyalty solution is tied to actual inventory, giving you powerful knowledge of your customers’ preferences.
Get to know your customers.
Rewards are tied to specific customers and the Beacon’s automatic check-ins appear in Clover, so you can easily identify your VIP customers and see what they buy.
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